Did you realize that the professional sports teams in the U.S. ( NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.), the Olympians in the 2016 games, as well as the top college sports programs employ Sports Performance Consultants (SPC's) to work with their athletes? They understand the value of the mental edge that sports consultants can bring to their players. Better players equals more wins!

Once only reserved for the upper tier elite athletes in the U.S., we are now seeing SPC's bringing their expertise and sports psych exercises and drills to our high school and middle school athletes with the same positive results!


Learn the techniques used by the top athletes in the U.S. and watch your confidence, your skills, and most importantly your "game-day" performance soar each week. You will actually learn HOW TO COMPETE! You can also master how to:
  • dismiss negative self-talk
  • reduce game-day anxiety
  • relax under pressure
  • set and achieve weekly goals
  • utilize breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques
  • increase confidence
  • recover from slumps and injuries at a faster pace


Your role is vital to your athlete's sports performance. Obtain the daily hints needed to help support your child and watch them become more and more successful in their sport.

"I always felt my greatest asset wasn't my physical ability ... it was my MENTAL ability."
~Bruce Jenner, 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist/Decathlon