I was involved in many sports as a youngster but soon found gymnastics to be my true talent. I started competing at twelve and continued through college. Even though my personal achievements in sports were quite notable, I have been more successful at making other athletesí dreams come true. Over my 20-year career I have worked with beginner level athletes through world class competitors on the amateur, high school, collegiate, national and international levels.

Whatever your athletic goals are, competing for your YMCA, high school or even international competition, adding sport psychology techniques to your training program can help take you to the top. I have had high school players who never considered college competition receive full scholarships and also mediocre participants obtain national team prominence in a few short years. I believe one should never put limits on ambitious, young athletes - they will surprise you every time!


Ohio State University, B.S. in Education
West Virginia University, M.S. in Sports Administration
University of Phoenix, Psychology/Counseling

*Ohio State University Scholar-Athlete * OSU Men's Gymnastics Team * OSU Cheerleader (captain) * Cum Laude graduate of West Virginia University * Collegiate Assistant Coach of the Year * Owner & head coach of Buckeye Gymnastic Inc. (numerous athletes received full athletic scholarships) * member of USA Elite Coaches Association * USA National Team Coach to US vs England, Switzerland and Hungary. * Region 7 Assistant Coach of the Year *



"Difficulties in life are made to make us better, not bitter."
~Dan Reeves, NFL player & Head Coach, Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons

"As you think so shall you be."
~author unknown